July 2023 - Pre-launch phase :

At this stage, the focus will be on creating buzz around the collection. A few images will be revealed, details about the collection will be shared, and potentially some NFTs will be offered to key influencers or avid F1 enthusiasts to begin generating conversation.

October 2023 - Collection launch :

This is when the collection goes on sale.

November 2023 - Community development :

After the launch, efforts will be directed towards building and engaging the community. This may involve organizing events, challenges, contests, AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with Steve Domenjoz, and more.

January 2024 - Exclusive events :

The team will organize exclusive events for the holders of the NFTs in the collection. These could range from virtual meet-ups with Steve Domenjoz to live events at Grand Prix races.

January 2024 - Rewards and Incentives Program :

The F1 Legendary Rewards and Incentives Program is a tier-based system that rewards users for their engagement with the community and support for the collection. Users earn points through participation, purchasing NFTs, and attending events, which can be redeemed for exclusive rewards such as limited edition NFTs, event tickets, and merchandise. T

March 2024 - Charitable fund :

The team will contemplate establishing a charitable fund where a portion of the collection’s profits are donated to motor-sport-related charitable organizations or causes dear to the F1 community.